MBS Pilates has blazed a trail locally with our specialized Pilates instruction. Pilates’ dual focus on core strength and flexibility has become a popular practice for just about anyone looking for a gentle yet rigorous way to develop a toned, elegant physique.

MBS’ skilled Pilates-focused faculty has experience implementing the program to suit a variety of needs and goals. Many of our instructors are certified by Fletcher Pilates, the most comprehensive teacher training of the method available today.

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About Pilates


Long a beloved method for building core strength and improving  flexibility and balance among professional dancers and elite athletes, Pilates has moved into the mainstream.

The exercises were invented by German immigrant Joseph Pilates, who later taught them to many devoted students from the New York City Ballet Company and other top-tier dance companies. The method emphasizes proper form and breathing through a series of fluid movements that strengthens the “core” or deep abdominal muscles, though it conditions the entire body. Many claim the exercises develop more elongated muscles than traditional weight-bearing moves. Pilates can be done with or without specific equipment.

Part of Pilates’ appeal is its gentle, flexible nature. MBS Pilates staff help tailor movements to meet the client’s specific needs, from low-impact injury recovery work to a rigorous, resistance-based program.


About MBS


MBS stands for Mind, Body and Soul, the three components to a happy, healthy life. We’re committed to helping you honor each of these three core areas, promoting harmony through fitness, nutrition, relaxation and other smart lifestyle choices.

Our services together provide you with thoughtful, healthy and invigorating ways to achieve balance in your busy, modern life.